Jamie and Landon during the play

Every year the Baptists church downtown- Southern put on their Christmas Pegeant at the Beaufort Playhouse. In 1958, a play named Christmas Angel was performed by
A walk 7

A scene of the play

the senior students local high school.


There are 5 characters in this play. They are -

  • The Angel
  • Tom Thornton
  • Tom's daughter
  • Tom's dead wife
  • A homeless person ( homeless persons were called bums at that time)
  • A lonely old woman


  • Jamie Sullivan as The Angel

    Jamie Sulivan as The Angel in the play

  • Landon Carter as Tom Thornton
  • Eddie as the homeless person (bum)


The Christmas Angel, penned by the minister of Southern Baptist, Hegbert Sullivan, is a largely autobiographical story that parallels the life of the minister: A man's wife dies during childbirth, and he has to raise his daughter on his own, in spite of overwhelming grief. In the play, the father, Tom Thornton, searches desperately to buy a particular music box for his daughter, whom he has kept at

Landon and Jamie kissing at the end of the play

arm's length because of his grief. While on an unsuccessful shopping trip to locate the music box, Tom meets a beautiful angel, who encourages him to be a better father; the music box then miraculously appears under the tree on Christmas morning.