John Foreman and Maggie Brown are unsuccessful candidates for student body president.

John ForemanEdit

Landon Carter described John Foreman as 'the kind of who'd pick lint off your clothes while he talked to you. ' He was a good student . He sat in the front row and raised his hand every time the teacher asked a question. If he was called to give the answer, he would almost always give the right one, and he'd turn his head from side to side with a smug look on his face. He liked to think of himself more superior than the others. Eric and Landon used to shoot spitballs at him when the teacher's back was turned.

Maggie BrownEdit

Maggie Brown was a good student, as well. She'd served on the student council for the first three years and had been the junior class president the year before. She wasn't very attractive and Landon knew that ' not a single guy would vote for her. '